Soave Doc Classico

The grapes are usually harvested in early October when slightly over-ripe. They are then destemmed and then soft pressed. Fermentation is spontaneous with indigenous yeast. Fining takes place in stainless steel with battonage for about 5 months, and then finishes in the bottle.

Igt 100% Garganega “La Bella”

Harvest is by hand in early October. Grapes are destemmed and soft pressed. Fermentation is spontaneous with indigenous yeast and fining takes place in stainless steel for about 4 months followed by finishing in the bottle.


The garganega is harvested by hand earlier than for the still wines, to preserve the natural acidity needed to produce the sparkling wine LA BELLA E+. The grapes are destemmed and soft pressed. The first fermentation and fining takes place in stainless steel over a few months. When ready to undergo the second fermentation according to the sparkling method, Charmat, the wine is transferred to autoclaves, and after fermentation remains there to finish for 90 days before bottling.


Recioto is made from the very ripest and healthiest bunches which are carefully hand harvested and left to dry in small crates, where their sugar concentration develops. Natural withering (“appassimento”) takes place in a naturally well ventilated drying loft, called fruttaio, for 4 months. The grapes are then pressed and the wine must ferments in stainless steel at low temperature. The ageing takes place in steel tanks, where the wine rests for about an year. The wine is then transferred to autoclaves where the second fermentation takes place according to the sparkling method Charmat, where it stays to finish for 90 days.

Valpolicella Doc

The harvest is by hand at the beginning of October. Pressing and spontaneous fermentation is followed by a long maceration and then refinement in stainless steel for at least 6 months. After bottling, the wine rests in the bottle for a few months.

Amarone della Valpolicella

The better grapes are selected in the vineyard, collected by hand and replaced in the drying loft, or fruttaio, inside small crates for the natural drying, called Appassimento. At the end of February, the grapes are destemmed and pressed. After the maceration, with pumping over, the fermentation takes place. The wine ages in big oak barrels for 48-60 months. After the bottling, the wine rests for at least 18 months.